Sunday, July 25, 2010

twitter???tweet tweet

hauri: annyong haseyo!!! (cheerfully)

paan: assalamualaikum..anyong, hauri-shi...

hauri: waalaikumsalam......

paan: bueyo???

hauri: paan-shi, u do have a twitter account, aren't u???

paan: lots of people have it..

hauri: tell others lorrh..

paan: nah...wat's so great abt mine??nuthing to boast...

hauri: ya!!unni!!! with twitter u can connect with old friends of yours..

paan: i've got fb for that

hauri: then, why d'you have twitter???

paan: to connect with my oppas in SuJu, MBLAQ,2pm...kihkihkih

hauri:bueyo???unni!!! (get mad)

p/s: that's all about my twitter..nothing to bother

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