Thursday, December 20, 2012

Research proposal


done presenting my project proposal to Prof Tunku
he didn't ask much, alhamdulillah
Prof Ramli reckon it's still early in the morning, so Prof Tunku is "cool"

Now, now
I'm all excited about my research
but still, scared

I'm afraid that I'm not good enough
do not meet the expectation

but still, some comfort word from Prof Wan
"first trial tak semestinya jadi, kadang 5-6 kali trial pun tak jadi, but the key is TO BE HARDWORKING"

first come to my mind is
"Nampaknya, disebabkan kena all out untuk habiskan master ni, jangan berangan nak kahwin"


p/s: please pray for me. I will be doing cloning goats and producing embryonic stem cell line

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