Saturday, March 15, 2014

being a student


people around me and me too seems to forget about this crucial thing:

Nurin Farhanah IS a student.

Yes, I graduated with my bachelor degree, alhamdulillah, yes
but as a Master degree candidate, I am also a  student
the only thing is, I don't have to sit in exam hall anymore, attend several research methodology classes this semester, conducting research, starting collecting literature review and list goes on...

I am also a worker. UM gives me monthly allowances which in returns, I have to help my supervisors (yes, I have two) in admin work, research work, undergraduate class including practical class, and some so-called-high level skill work in farm (once a week).

So, if people ask, what are you doing now, I want to answer I am part time working and I am also a part time student,

but honestly, it is full-time working, full-time student.

My target is to end my experiment on December 2015, submit thesis on March 2016, graduate on October 2016, insya Allah.

If I can achieve it earlier, then, Alhamdulillah

p/s: secretly (well, since I posted here, it's not a secret anymore), I wish to get marry before the master graduation, or better, during the convo I already have someone developing in my womb..hahhahaha
just stick to produce the thesis and ISI journal plan, paan!

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dayu_myself said...

nak kawen jgan lupe jmput kte tau...tsk3...

kite doakan impian nurin dikabulkan...amin~~

doakan kte jugak..kikikiki...;)

dayu_myself said...
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