Thursday, September 18, 2014

My favourite therapies

I don't know why,
since I became ABEL members, it looks like whenever I felt demotivated, down or angry,
I always accidentally met that person
And all of sudden all the down feelings are gone.
how can a person can bring that such effect?

Just like today....

nothing beats the calmness:

After you pray to Allah, talking about your hardship
Reading randomly the verse of Alquran, and suddenly the verse felt that Allah answering you
Listening to your mother's voice

p/s: funny, funny..kalau rasa gembira, tak jumpa pula

2 orang mengutuk:

budak kecik said...

wahhh is it the myvi guy? err kalau dh byk kali, bukan kebetulan dah tu. suratan takdir kot. ngeee

Nurin Farhanah said...

dialah, siapa lagi..


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