Tuesday, December 2, 2014

back to december

it's december baby!!!!

my oh my, i wonder why after i left my BSc years, the clock ticking so faaast!!
it's in the end  of the year, again..

that means

1) Progress report e-science grant (this is suppose to be kak linda's responsibility, but, of course, i had to SORT-OF-MONITOR it)

2) Progress report UMRG grant (alhamdulillah, this is the first report, so, not-so-pening-kepala-punya-report) (tapi, it's suppose to be Fathil's responsibility because he got his salary from this grant, but, of course, it's part of my project, thus, again, MY RESPONSIBILITY)

3) Progress report of HIR grant (THIS IS MY REAL RESPONSIBILITY)

not to mention

4) Experiment on MEF for no. 2 grant, the treatment should be included (hmm..)

5) Candidature defense (although it;s schedule at end of january, I HAVE TO WORK HARD TO GET BETTER RESULT!!)

6) A lot of consumables need to be purchased (WILL SIT DOWN IN PROF OFFICE FOR HOURS, tak guna punya sistem baru)

7) Undergrads' lab reports (Prof macam nak minta tolong tanda mid semester pula!)

8) Undergrad lab practicalsss (3 classes)

9)Other admin works

Oh gosh, there's a lot of OTHER things to be done, i wonder how the LECTURERS survived?
Dengan kerja penyelidikan, tulis jurnal yang berkemungkinan BESAR kena reject, dengan MQA nya, dengan grading papers, dengan set soalan lagi
Not to mention, politik office

Aku yang buat master (ada orang kata aku punya kerja dah macam budak phd) cum RA pun nak pengsan tolong prof selesaikan kerja admin dicelah-celah research

Sometime, i feel that i don't want to be uni's lecturer, i think research officer is enough
MARDI, can you hire me after i'm graduating? but please put me under NAEC, with Dr. Habsah, don't put me under anything except the embryo work

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