Wednesday, November 17, 2010

to dear you

to dear you

oh my,
there's a youth
whom i forget not
how i fell for him, unexpectedly
wondering why i fell that hard
to erase him, yes, it's ache my heart

kept crossing my mind, clueless me
why i kept running back to fall for him
we're not that close, we keep
crossed each other path with exchanging smile

oh yes, we have similar wishes
and it put me to pour a wonder
can we walk each other in the same path
hand in hand, fulfilling our dreams

yet, he choose not my hand
and change to someone, no, i know,not..

oh well, i DO move on
leave all the past and my heart is fine
it was hurt, yes, but i'm OK now
and I continue to walk on my path

and if we crossed each other again,
do smile for me,
it's great to know you, now, that's i agree

p/s: heh, jiwang pula tiba2....

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